How to Setup Zmodo Camera Quickly? (Updated for 2023)

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Are you also facing zmodo camera setup issues? Well, your worry ends here. We show you how to set up the zmodo camera system and connect it to your Wifi network. Go through the following steps to understand the zmodo camera set up correctly.

How To Do a Zmodo Camera Setup? 

To do a Zmodo mini wifi camera setup, connect the Zmodo camera to a power source. Next, download and install the Zmodo Camera App on your phone or another device. After the app is downloaded, click on the “Zink” button and add the number of cameras you wish to add. Now, configure the wifi settings in your phone and wifi, and you’re done! Your Zmodo Camera is now ready to use. 

What Are Zmodo Cameras?

A Zmodo camera is an outdoor camera security system that can be connected to Wifi and provide you a live view of the area where it is set up. Being founded 11 years ago by a Chinese company in 2009, it has already served useful to millions of people all over the world. 

Recent Zmodo camera models have various features, including 1080p HD video, motion alerts, 65-foot night vision, and optional cloud recording to help you feel safe. 

We have provided three types of processed solutions to help you do a zmodo camera setup properly- the quick process, a quick step-wise solution, and a detailed procedure. 

How To Setup a Zmodo Camera? ( Quick 5 Minute Tutorial)

Cameras are fragile and involve prerequisite knowledge to set them. Any wrong step may destroy your system, and ultimately, you’d be at a loss. Hence, it becomes crucial to know how to install a Zmodo camera. 

Here is a complete step-by-step guide on installing a Zmodo setup which would take only 5 minutes. And don’t worry if you don’t understand. Below this, we have an explained guide to set up the camera. You can refer to that too. So, let’s begin! 

  • First things first, connect your camera to the electricity by attaching a cable lead to it, and then connect your camera to your Wi-Fi network. To connect it to the Wi-Fi network, you’d need to download the Zmodo app on your mobile phone. 
  • To download the Zmodo App, go to your App Store or Play Store of your phone and search “Zmodo Camera App.” Download the app and create an account if you don’t already have one. 
  • After the app is launched, a screen will open in front of you. Look for a little “+” icon at the top of the screen and tap on it. A “Zink” option would appear on the screen. 
  • Did you see the Zink option? Yes? Click on it. 
  • A new screen will open, and you’d be required to fill in the number of cameras you are currently trying to connect. If you are trying to connect one camera to your Wi-Fi network, click on 1 and then click on the blue check-mark. 
  • Next, it would ask for your permission to go to the Wi-Fi settings of your mobile phone and connect the camera to the Wi-Fi. 
  • So, to allow this, click on the small blue option that is going to take you to your mobile phone’s Wi-Fi settings and you’d be able to see your camera’s Wi-Fi network there, labeled as ZMD_SAP. 
  • Click on the given option to connect to your Camera Wi-Fi and then go back to the Zmodo Camera App. 
  • Once you are back on the Zmodo App, it’s going to ask you for your SSID and Password. Fill in your credentials there and click on the little blue checkmark at the bottom of your screen. 
  • After you’ve done that, the app would again ask for your permission to go back to your mobile phone’s Wi-Fi settings and reconnect to your Camera Wi-Fi. Scan and search for the Wi-fi network of your home/office and connect to the network. Next, return to the Zmodo app.
  • After you’ve done the steps mentioned above, you’d notice the app to search for the camera and connect to your Wi-Fi network. 
  • This process may take a few minutes, so don’t panic. Read a book or complete your pending chores. 
  • Once the connection step is finished, you will be asked to give your camera a Name and a Password. So, just name the camera whatever you want and set up the password. 
  • Next, click on done, and then click on a little blue checkmark at the bottom of your screen. 
  • And then, finally, your Zmodo camera will be up and running.

Detailed Zmodo Camera Setup (Fully Explained)

Still, confused about how to set up the zmodo camera?

No worries. We’ve got your back. If you face difficulties in setting up your camera using the “Zink” option, here is how you can install the Zmodo Camera using the “SmartLink” option: 

Step 1: Before You Begin

Before you begin with the installation process, ensure that you’ve completed all the minimum requirements to use the Zmodo camera and have successfully finished the support page installation process

Also, make sure to have a stable Wi-fI network connection. A 2.4 GHz or higher network connection is a must for this setup. Don’t forget to connect your mobile phone to the Wi-Fi network you’d like to attach to your Zmodo wireless device. 

Step 2: Install The Zmodo Camera App And Create A New Account

Next, go to your mobile phone’s Play Store or App Store and sign up to create a free Zmodo account. You can create your new account by entering your email id or mobile phone number. But, if you’ve already got an old Zmodo account, log in to that account. 

Step 3: Click on the “+” Icon and Check For Adding Device Possibility.

Once you’ve created an account or logged in to your previous account, you’d be taken to your Device list home screen. Click on the “+” / Add Device Possibility option given on the top-right corner of your screen. There are various in-app directions available that can help provide guidance to organize your Zmodo wireless device for network configuration. 

Step 4: Enter your WiFi Credentials

Enter your WiFi Credentials
Zmodo Camera

The next step involves switching on your device and filling in the number of cameras you are currently trying to connect. After you’ve done this step, you will be asked to enter the Wi-Fi password and other credentials of the same network to which your phone is connected. 

After filling in the credentials, your Zmodo Camera App will connect to the same network. For safety and convenience, set a proper password for the app too. 

After setting up, don’t forget to enable a number of minutes for SmartLink to find and link your device to the Wi-Fi network automatically. 

Step 5: Name your device And It’s Done!

After your Zmodo device has been successfully found and connected by SmartLink, you’ll be asked to call your device and set the time zone. Also, make sure to choose and set up a name for your Zmodo Camera. 

Set a proper and tough password for safety and security. After you’re done, you’ll be asked if you wish to share your device with others or not. Once all these steps are done, your zmodo wireless camera setup is done and the camera is ready to use with full energy!

Troubleshooting Ideas

If you are still facing any zmodo camera setup issues, the following are some troubleshooting ideas you may try. We don’t guarantee success but they might be worth giving a try. Please go through the steps below: 

  • The first option to reach out is to re-enter your SSID and Password in case you have typed them incorrectly.
  • If this doesn’t work, you probably have to reset your device and then try the setup process again once the device is back on and Green LED is blinking.
  • One more common issue that most people experience is that their WiFi connection is too weak. In order to complete your installation and set up your Zmodo Camera properly, you need to have strong WiFi connectivity. 
  • If you are still facing zmodo camera setup issues, reach out to Zmodo help support at

Other Questions People Also Ask:

How To Connect Zmodo Camera To New Wifi?

Learning how to set up the zmodo camera to new wifi is very crucial to ensure it’s working.

You can connect your Zmodo Camera to a new Wi-Fi network by setting up your smartphone using the “Zink” option by clicking on the “+” Add Device Option given in the top-right corner of your screen.

Next, choose the “Normal” setup option for the beams which are not installed yet.

Make sure that your Wi-Fi device has a wireless signal in order to connect to your mobile phone. A wireless connection is a must for your device. 

Watch the video to know how to connect the zmodo camera to wifi: 

How Do I Get My Zmodo Camera Back Online?

  • Do get your camera back online, and make sure that the camera’s batteries are properly charged. They can be low and hence the camera might stop working. 
  • Make sure that you’re having a good internet connection. 
  • Try to set up the camera with the Wi-Fi connection once again. 
  • Check your router settings once. The problem may be from that side too. 
  • Your router will automatically turn off beamforming when it detects light coming into it.

Why Is My Zmodo Camera Not Connecting To Wifi?

Ensure that your Zmodo Camera is connected to the WiFi router. If the Zmodo Camera is not connected to any WiFi connection, you won’t be able to get the internet video stream of the area where you planted the camera. Hence, it becomes crucial for you to locate a router associated with your Zmodo camera to ensure it’s working. 

The following might be the possible reasons. Look for them and try to fix it manually:

  • Your devices are not meeting the requirements for the Zmodo camera setup
  • Either you don’t have a strong WiFi connection
  • Or you are not using an iOS or Android smartphone
  • Your router and Zmodo cameras aren’t matching frequencies


We hope all your problems related to the Zmodo camera setup are now solved. If you still have any doubts, feel free to comment and let us know your issues.

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