Why Camera Lenses are Round but Pictures Square?

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Are you fascinated to take pictures? Do you like to capture your precious memories? I think your answer is ‘yes.’

However, taking a good picture is an amazing capability for an individual. In the case of taking pictures, of late, people are using either digital cameras or mobile phone cameras, and today’s top-notch technology allows you to develop documentation of exquisite memories.   

But have you ever thought about why Camera Lenses are round but the pictures square? Yes, the camera lenses are round in shape, but the photos they take are square in shape. Here, in this post, we will unfold the actual reason behind this. So, stay tight and read the post till the end.

Purpose of the camera lens

A camera lens is a tool that brings the light to the focal point. Camera lenses are the key component of a camera which work in conjunction with other parts of the camera for capturing moments. The main purpose of lens cameras is to get wide coverage of light. The image quality relies on the proportion of light that is absorbed by the lens as well. 

However, the camera’s lens is not able to capture images directly. Instead, it makes collaborations with other parts.  

The reason why camera lenses are round

If you are thinking about the shape of a picture frame, then, what should be the exact shape of the picture frame? Generally, people prefer to take rectangular frames to captivate memories. Similarly,  the scientific reason behind taking a rectangular-shaped photo supports the fact. 

It is not like only circular lenses capture rectangular photos. But rectangular lenses also take rectangular photos. 

In traditional cameras, one of the key components found is film. Due to running out of time, traditional cameras are not a user-friendly option for users. In a digital camera, there is an important element known as an image sensor.

The picture of a camera depends on the capability of image sensors. In a traditional camera, the lens provides light to film. But in a digital camera, the lens sends light to sensors. The work of lenses changed due to the demands of camera evolution.

Now, the question is, why are the lenses round? The reason lies in scientific explanations of facts. The simple reason is when anyone takes pictures of a specific object, then the light is reflected from that object. That subject light enters into the circle camera lens. 

In the second step, the circle lens starts its work. The circle camera lens recurves that reflected light and finally focuses on the image sensors of the digital camera. The same goes for traditional cameras. 

Round lenses work so well that it helps to enter light clearly and helps to take vivid pictures. Besides, square lenses bend the light of the image, which helps to focus on sensors to capture rectangular pictures.

In past decades, early camera makers have found an interesting fact that rounded lenses worked well. It helps to perform the most efficacious job of focusing on the light in the film. Of course, other lenses like rectangular and square lenses perform well. The camera pioneers found that the round lenses are the best ones. 

Benefits of getting a round lens 

The round lens is better than the rectangular or square lens. The camera having a round lens helps to increase clarity while taking pictures of a camera. The round lens captures round photos, but the sensor has the capability to cut down the best part from round one. If the rectangular lens captures a photo, the image sensor can face little hurdles to cut down the best part. 

The reason why pictures are square

People like to decorate their walls with rectangular frames. Isn’t it? Because rectangular frames are fitted everywhere in the house.

Likewise, Circular camera lenses produce square pictures, and the reason behind this is the presence of rectangular sensors. In the case of taking pictures with a round lens, usually, inside, the round lens captures a round image. The edges of the round image have several divergences, which make the image a bizarre appearance.

Refer to the diagram below for more details:

Credits: circuit today

Therefore, the rectangular sensors can crop the divergences by taking round images. The sensor helps to cut the edges of the round image. In that way, the sensors collect the best part of the lens. Thus, it gives the best part of photographs to people.

Likewise, there are cameras that acquire rectangular or square camera lenses. Rectangular lenses worked similarly to circular camera lenses. The rectangular lenses also use rectangular sensors in digital cameras.

In the case of digital sensors, the rectangular sensor helps to cut edges and remove the blurring of the image. However, in the case of using round sensors, it is not possible for the camera to cut down the edges of the picture. Thus, digital sensors help to take wonderful pictures. 


Here, all the reasons are provided in this article. The ample information will definitely help you to clear confusion and achieve a clear idea about why camera lenses are round, but pictures are square. 

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