How to Take Good Pictures With Phone (Steps & Ideas)

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Of late, smartphones are part and parcel of our life. We cannot live our life without our mobile phones. Nowadays, people are using mobiles for multiple purposes. Light-weighted phones allow a person to carry them in any place.

Besides, unlike old days, you don’t need to carry a camera to capture photos. You can click a breathtaking moment with a single click on your smartphone.

Due to this convenience, mobile photography has become a craze nowadays, and nobody wants to carry their digital cameras here and there.

Mobile Photography; Past and Present:

However, in the past days, advanced technology was not used in mobile phones. Thus, taking a picture or videos with mobile phones was not a good idea for people. In the past, cameras for mobile phones were not very convenient options for people.

The poor image quality makes a mess of fulfilling the expectations level of people. But days have passed, and to support the evolution of android phones, mobile companies successfully added advanced features to mobile phone cameras. 

The addition of attractive features on the camera helps to take breathtaking photos. The use of the latest models allows for capturing a superior quality of images. The advanced attributes of the camera also allow it to take budget-friendly videos. 

Smartphone cameras are one of the big things that put forward the quality of android phones in recent years. If you want to give priority to capturing moments on the camera of phones, then you must purchase a phone that offers a high-quality camera. In that case, you must reveal all the necessary attributes on the camera of the phone.

It is one of the best tricks to capture photos. Please remember that mobiles use advanced lenses, but phones do not have versatile quality like DSLRs. 

In spite of this, following some amazing tricks can be efficacious in taking astounding photos.

People are always amazed at queries like how to take good photos with a phone? Here, some amazing hacks can unfold that help to take the best picture with a phone.

After that, this article will reveal some interesting facts about the features of mobile phone cameras. So, stay connected to know some amazing tips and tricks for capturing your best moments on the phone. 

Useful steps to take good pictures with android 

Useful steps to take good pictures with android 

Taking photos is not everyone’s cup of tea, but using effective steps can be helpful to do cellphone photography 

#Step 1:

Firstly, a photographer needs to look in the eye of your subject, and eye contact with your subject is necessary to understand the emotions and expressions of your subject.

Direct eye contact with your subject stimulates engagement with the subject. Understanding the intensity of your subject is a necessary element to take the best telephone photoshoot.

In this way, you can capture their magnetic looks and spellbinding smiles.

#Step 2:

Secondly, a photographer can choose a plain background for taking an astounding click. Choosing the right background helps to connect the emotions of your subject. It helps to comprehend their expressions. Taking a mobile photograph is an art that shows the subject’s intensity. 

#Step 3

In the third step, you can use flash outdoors, and the flash outdoors helps to discard the shadows and focus on lightening the image. You can take an image in two ways clicking pictures in the dark or clicking images in the dark. 

#Step 4

Fourthly, the size of the subject may vary, and if you want to click a smaller subject, then you have to follow some quirky trick. You can take a two-step closer step before clicking some images.

Zooming on the middle portion of the image can reveal detailed information about the image. But unnecessary zooming can make your image blur. 

#Step 5

Fifth, you need to lock the focus to take a sharp picture. The autofocus system helps to give you the right focus. If you want to avoid messy pictures, then you need to lock the face of the subject in the middle point.

There are three steps that you can take to lock the subject:

  1. Firstly, take a center to the subject and press the half shutter to choose the right focus.
  2. Secondly, reposition to the center,
  3. and in the third step, you press the shutter to click pictures. 

#Step 6

Sixth, you must look into focus, and taking photos from the middle of the picture is not a favorable choice for a photographer. You can simply move the subject away from the middle of the picture.

You can follow the tick-tack-toe grid where you can choose the right move of the picture. It will help to remove the tediousness of pictures and helps to take pictures interestingly.

Some stunning tricks and ideas for taking photography with a mobile phone 

Some stunning tricks and ideas for taking photography with a mobile phone

Here are some mobile photography tricks that are going to be mentioned that help to develop the best telephone photo shoot. 

You can capture multiple shots:

The mobile photography trick is to capture multiple shots. In that case, anyone can take the same pictures but from different angles. With every click of the photograph, you can learn something new. It helps to make learning new hacks and develops a mind map for telephone photo shoots. 

Gain knowledge about special features of a camera:

 It is one of the important things that you must need to be familiar with each feature of the camera. Knowing the features helps to explore the best angles to take mind-blowing pictures. If you are really interested in protecting your memories then the right features of the camera help you take an amazing click. 

Adjust, focus, and exposure with natural light: 

There are many cameras that have the feature of adjusting light. It sounds good! But you need to learn an interesting hack to adjust the light of a camera. In some cameras, you just do manual focus on light.

The manual focus generally appears on the top of the screen. After that, you can adjust that focus for clicking pictures.

Nowadays, most phones have a face recognition option. It helps you to avoid unnecessary shots from the camera. The face recognition system is the best option to highlight your own face and blur the background image.

Must avoid digital zoom: 

 In the case of taking mobile photography, you need to avoid digital zoom. The zooming options in Android phones are not really a pleasant option for users. It mainly affects the resolution of images.

The resolution is effective in maintaining image quality. You can choose HDR options from your mobile phone and take the best shot. Here, HDR means the high dynamic range. You can use the HDR mode for adjusting the light and taking photos. 

Must choose a natural light option:

light plays the foremost option for taking pictures with a phone. In that case, you need to adjust the subject with light. The delineation of the subject depends on the adjustment with light.

The light reflects from the body of the subjects. Of course, this setting is not always taken with quick times. An effective adjustment of light is possible after passing through several stages of clicking. 

Yes! Of course! You can use some artificial light too. For example, if you want to capture memories with your friends at night, then artificial lights would be helpful to make your face well- illuminated. Otherwise, you can utilize the option of flash, which helps to take steady short. 

Using editing tools: 

Using editing tools is the craziest way to get the best image. It is one of the best options that helps to adjust the brightness. Do you know that an image is beautiful when you add some contrasting color to it? Then, editing tools are the funky option to get the best possible image.

The increasing and decreasing contrasts of your image captivate the mind of your viewers. Apart from this, resizing images allows you to restore the image. Utilizing editing tools, you also discard superfluous background from your clicked photo more confounded. 

Using of gridlines to take your best shot: 

It is one of the best ways to take luring captures. Your smartphone relies on the rule of thirds. According to the photographic composition principle, an image can break down within thirds.

Therefore, in the case of choosing the grid option, you can place your subject of interest along with the intersections of the grid. In this way, the photo can be more balanced and allow visitors to click photos naturally.

Find some compulsive perspective: 

Taking eccentric photos with an unanticipated angle makes them more captivating and memorable. It helps to create more illusions and connectivity with subjects.

In that case, you can take direct photos or explore your creativity to take the best shot. The unique perspective can connect with the viewer’s mind. Moreover, the different perspective helps to explore the stories behind every picture. 

An interesting story is always haunting behind a picture. It helps to connect with your audiences. Besides, an interesting story of your every click makes you more thoughtful. As a mobile photographer, you may be concerned about the storytelling capacity that can help you to take spellbound pictures. 

Keep an eye on the geometric patterns: 

It is one of the best ideas to take photos at home. You may have some leisure time at your home, and you are thinking about taking some funky photos at home. You think that you can click some shots at home and upload them on social media.

Well! It’s a good idea to pass your time by making a hashtag with photography ideas at home with your phone. Then you must keep an eye on observing the repetitive geometric patterns that are very common in your home. 

Clicking patterns create a high visual impact on the eyes of audiences. You can capture some tiles, lines, shapes, or any form of color. Besides, you can capture the small details of any object at your home.

Isn’t it cool that your background image is black and white but you may only fill the color of a single object! Yes! There is an app where you can use the grey scale for making the background black and white but you can fill the part which you may want to colorize.

You may be creative while taking shots of shadows and tell the magnificent stories that work behind that image. You can also use some crops for taking eccentric shots. A subject can touch the shadows and then click the best shot. It is one of the best ways to improve your photo.

Photographic ideas to take professional photos 

Professional photography is something different from any normal mobile photography. Many people in the world are taking photography as their profession seriously.

Then you may ask how to take professional pictures with a phone? In that case, a professional photographer can choose different niches like fashion photography, wedding photography, family photography, newborn photography, and many more interesting niches. Then, you can take some good clicks with your phone also. 

How to be a good photographer with a phone?

In that case, a professional photographer must know some enthralling tricks and hacks. A professional photographer must follow the rule of thirds. In that case, you can make more interesting compositions by clicking photos. You use leading lines which are mainly a-line shapes. You can create any lines in your clicking like roads, fences trees, buildings, and many more. 

This trick is useful to make your image more luring. A professional photographer must find the path to convey the depth of understanding.

The depth of understanding helps to make your shot more captivating. Otherwise, it will create numbness. A deep understanding of photography helps to convey the thinking of a photographer.

 A professional photographer must spend enough time to make planning for lighting and they can utilize some lighting equipment for taking mobile photos. They also use some interesting backdrops for clicking some best shots. The backdrops can successfully create an effective background for a photographer that helps to get the best capture. 


Hopefully, this article helps to provide interesting facts about mobile photography. This can be helpful in getting the best clicks on a smartphone and excel in mobile photography.

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