How Long Does A Camera Battery Last? [Comprehensive Guide]

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Do you own a camera? Do you know for how long does a camera battery last and how many photos you will be able to click with a single charge? If you own a camera you should definitely know the average life of your camera batteries to prevent difficulties in emergency situations. 

If you have more work in a day, you should definitely know how long a camera battery is. Knowing this can help you avoid stacking with dead batteries and missing some great snapshots. Therefore, we decided on giving you a detailed and practical example of how to calculate your camera’s battery life.

How Long Does a Camera Battery Last? 

On average, a camera battery can produce upto 400 clicks on a single charge or can last upto 8-10 working hours after a full charge. When talking about the life span, a camera’s battery can last for upto 5 years when taken care of properly. 

How Long Does A Canon Battery Last?

A canon camera can last upto 850 shots per single charge. Canon point and shoot cameras, however, can live upto 320 shots on a single charge. The battery life of your camera, more or less, depends on the health of your camera battery and the way you use your camera. 

How Long Does A DSLR Camera Battery Last?

A DSLR battery can last upto eight to nine hours per single charge. In case you use your DSLR camera continuously, the battery can last for up to 3 hours. 

Remember: Your DSLR camera can consume more batteries while recording videos. So if you’re a professional worker, make sure to carry extra batteries to avoid any uncertainties. 

How Long Does a Camera Battery Last? (Calculation)

how long do camera batteries last
how long do camera batteries last

If you’re still wondering how long do camera batteries last, here is a small calculation you can do every time you need to know:

For the calculation, you will need 

  • Two numbers
  • Watt-hours of the batteries
  • Wattage
  • Camera draws

Step 1: Find The Watt-Hours Of Your Battery

Most of the camera’s batteries show the watt-hours on the housing only. In case you can’t find the watt-hours on the battery label, simply write your camera model number and search for the watt-hours online. 

Step 2: Find the Wattage Consumption of your Camera’s Battery

Finding wattage consumption of your camera can become a little challenging. If you cannot find the watts consumption on your camera’s package, try the first method to find it online by entering your camera model number. 

Step 3: Calculate the Runtime By Which Your Camera Battery Will Last

Once you’ve found out the watt-hours and wattage consumption of your camera’s battery, you can easily find how long do camera batteries last. You just have to divide the watt-hours of your batteries by the wattage your camera consumes. 

For Instance, if you have a Sony fx9 camera that draws about 35.2 watts and an Indy Pro Micro Series 98 batteries that are rated for 98-watt hours. So, just divide the 98 watt-hours battery by 35.2 watts of a camera, and you’ll get 2.78 hours. This implies that your Sony camera can work for upto 3 hours after a single charge. 

Step 4: Calculation Using Other Additional Accessories

Do you have any other additional accessories like on-camera monitors or video transmitters? You can check your camera battery life using those accessories too! Once again, you just need to find out the number of watts the accessories are consuming and add those to your calculations. 

For instance, if you use a Teradek wireless video transmitter, it draws an additional power of 9 watts instead of 35.2 watts. This makes a total of 44.2 watts. If you are shooting with your Sony fx9 camera, you just have to simply divide 98 watt-hours by your camera consumption which is 44.2 hours. So, you get 2.21 hours of battery time.

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What Affects The Battery Life Of Your Camera?

Is the battery of your camera draining rapidly? These are the factors you should consider if you’re facing rapid battery drainage:

  • Excessive high temperature 
  • Poor battery health
  • Image reviews
  • Different attached sensors
  • Wireless connected devices

How to Take Care of a Camera Battery?

Have you ever wondered why most of your devices run out of batteries nowadays? It’s just related to taking proper care of the camera and its batteries. Wondering how to do so? Go through the following suggestions to take care of your cameras and its batteries properly:

Keep The Batteries Away From Hot And Cold Environment

One way by which you can protect your battery life from getting damaged is to keep it away from the environment having excessive hot or cold temperatures. Don’t expose the battery to direct sunlight. Also, make sure that they do not get in contact with water. 

Most importantly, keep your batteries safe from cold temperatures. Cold weather can wear down your batteries more quickly. If you are shooting outside in cold weather, make sure that you keep the batteries in a warm and covered pocket and take them out only when you need them. 

The best way is to keep the batteries in some container or pouch to protect and secure them from environmental effects. 

Don’t Let The Battery Charge Overnight

Keeping the battery charged all night long can have a completely negative effect on its shelf life. Although the modern batteries have a feature of stopping the charging when it gets fully charged up, still it can get dangerous. 

Batteries are badly affected by charging all the time. Charging your battery and leaving it all night can adversely affect its lifespan and performance. 

Don’t Discharge The Batteries Completely

Don’t get in the habit of discharging your batteries completely and then recharging them. Lithium-Ion batteries don’t need to get discharged before recharging. It, in fact, affects their charging capacity and span life. 

Hence, it becomes important that you always try to maintain the battery level between 20% to 80%. 


How often should I charge my camera battery?

If you’re not using your camera for a long time, make sure to discharge and recharge your camera batteries every 6 months. However, if you need your camera every week or month, recharge the batteries before use. 

How long does a canon camera battery take to charge?

The canon camera battery recharge is mostly dependent on the varying temperature and the recharging capacity of the batteries. However, a normal canon camera battery can take upto 2 hours to recharge a fully exhausted battery at room temperature, i.e. 23°C / 73°F. 

How long do Nikon camera batteries last?

After a full recharge, a Nikon camera can last for upto 3 working hours. However, if you’re shooting videos, the batteries will start draining a lot faster. The batteries can last upto 50 minutes to 90 minutes of battery life after a full recharge. 


That’s it. It’s super simple. The watt-hours of your battery divided by the wattage consumption the camera draws give you your battery’s current runtime. 

We hope we have provided you with the answer to the question “how long does a camera battery last?” Now you can know when the batteries of your camera will run out so you can take the extra batteries in hand for future purposes. Just make sure to take some extra care of your batteries so that their shelf life does not get reduced. 

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