Canon EOS Rebel T5 vs T6: Which is the Best?

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Canon EOS Rebel T5 vs T6, which to go for? Both are receiving a lot of attention. Both of these cameras are clearly made by precisely the exact same company, that is canon. Apparently, they belong in precisely the exact same series too.

The Canon EOS Rebel T5 (also known as the Canon EOS 1200D or Canon EOS Kiss X70) was substituted with the Canon EOS Rebel T6 (also Called the Canon EOS Rebel 1300D) over two years following its launch.

Thus, you most likely are imagining that both of these cameras have a lot in common, particularly seeing as they belong to precisely the exact same series.

Well, if you’re, you’re not wrong. Among other items, the two are Entry-Level DSLR cameras.

This review has been divided into 3 parts to get you the best and the most comprehensive review of both the devices

Comparison: Canon EOS Rebel T5 vs T6

Both these entry-level DSLRs are pretty much the same apart from a few differences.

Now, one big similarity between both is that they have optical viewfinders. Well, this shouldn’t be surprising seeing as they are DSLR cameras.

In fact, the most of the flaws are also similar on both the devices.

But seeing as the Canon EOS Rebel T6 succeeded the T5, it’s not surprising that the T6 undergone some developments.

Among the areas of progress was wireless connection. Unlike using the T5, you can do a wireless transport of documents together with the T6, since it includes in-built Wi-Fi. More about that later.

Before we go any farther, let’s immediately have a look at the price/value ratio of every one of those cameras.

Price to Value Ratio: Canon EOS Rebel T5 vs T6

These two cameras really do offer excellent value for their cost. Anyhow, we believe the Canon EOS Rebel T6 includes a far better price/value ratio.

This camera offers you the greater display resolution and in addition, it provides a greater max (expandable) ISO degree; all to get at a less expensive cost.

In the penultimate part of this guide, you’ll be seeing exactly what many photographers and camera fans consider before deciding between these two cameras. Stick with us.

Let us first understand the basics.

What a beginner Should Look for in a Camera:

As a beginner, try to cover up these while getting a camera for yourself.

DSLR Cameras

A Digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) camera is a camera which has a reflex layout. This means it’s reflex mirrors get light from the camera lens and also send it into the camera viewfinder.

DSLR cameras (otherwise referred to mirrored cameras) include optical viewfinders — instead of mirrorless cameras which have the choice of either having an electronic viewfinder or merely an LCD display.

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Entry-Level Cameras

Entry-level cameras, in simple terms, are cameras created for amateur photographers. Thus, they’re cheaper, less complex, easier to use, options to expert cameras.

So, essentially, say you require a camera to get a holiday or just private use. Your better choice is a beginner camera, not a professional or semi-professional one to make movies.

Anyhow, below are a Few of the Features You’ll Find in either the Canon EOS Rebel T5 along with the Canon EOS Rebel T6.

Optical Viewfinder

Viewfinder in a generic camera
Viewfinder in a generic camera

Like DSLR cameras, the Canon EOS Rebel T5 and the Canon EOS Rebel T6 include optical viewfinders.

An optical viewfinder is the place where you preview the picture your lens is shooting. It will help to correctly frame your images even while sunlight is out.

Now, you will need to learn about optical viewfinders because they are of various kinds. The two most common kinds are the pentamirror and pentaprism viewfinders.

Anyway, both the Canon EOS Rebel T5 and the T6 include the pentamirror viewfinder, which is quite typical in entry-level DSLR cameras.

This viewfinder (pentamirror) is really inferior to the pentaprism viewfinder (a more frequent viewfinder for Expert level DSLR cameras). The reason is that the pentaprism viewfinders supply the maximum resolution in viewfinders, so they have a better quality than the pentamirror.

Built-In Flash

Built in Flash of EOS 1200D, also called as Rebel T5
Built in Flash of EOS 1200D, also called as Rebel T5

If you would like to shoot pictures in regions with low light, you’d definitely need some light to help you get vivid images. That is where your built-in flash can be helpful.

Anyhow, it’s also essential to be aware that this flash will not necessarily suffice, depending on what you would like your end goal to be.

External Flash Hot Shoe

Flash Hot Shoe in a Canon Camera to allow for external flash
Flash Hot Shoe in a Canon Camera to allow for external flash

In scenarios where the light in the built-in flash doesn’t offer you the effect you would like, you will require an external flash.

Now, to have the ability to connect an external flash, then your camera must have a hot shoe. This hot shoe is wherever your external flash is going to be mounted. And well, these two cameras include this.

Thus in case you don’t have good lighting on your take location and your in-built flash is not exactly doing the task for you, all you have to do is mount an external flash on your camera’s hot shoe and enjoy much better lighting.

Face Detection Focus

The white frame represents the face chosen for focusing; the frame turns green when the focus is achieved.

Face detection enables your camera to spot the individual faces in its viewport and focus on them.

This feature thus helps in increasing the sharpness of faces, and expresses them in detail. This is a very necessary feature especially when it comes to portrait photography.

RAW Image Support

If your camera has this, it means that it can store the images in the best quality possible for it.

Though images in the RAW format can be quite big, most photographers prefer it in this format, instead of the compacted and reduced quality JPEG format.

This is only because it provides you the freedom to edit and execute literally whatever you wish along with your images.

Well, the Canon EOS Rebel T5 along with the Canon EOS Rebel T6 possess RAW support.

Having an option to choose in between RAW format or converting into the compressed JPEG format is really cool.

Auto Exposure Bracketing

If you’re taking photographs in HDR or rough lighting conditions, the auto exposure bracketing feature will come as an essential feature for you.

Now, usually, you’d take a photo, inspect the picture, adjust your exposure settings, and repeat this cycle 3 or 3 times. Stressful, is not it?

Auto exposure bracketing is here to help save you that strain. Once set, this feature permits you to capture a picture after and have that picture in 3 (or longer, depending on your camera provides) different exposure settings.

HDMI Output

The T5 along with the T6 include HDMI outputs support.

This signifies that using an HDMI cable attached to your camera, you can see your videos and photos on a significantly bigger display.

Wireless Connection & Near Field Communication (NFC)

These help in the quick transfer of files and help in making you share your work almost readily.

Both of these features work hand in hand and will assist you in moving files quicker and simpler.

However, out of the 2 cameras, only the Canon EOS T6 includes both of them.

Now lets talk about Each of the cameras separately.

Canon EOS Rebel T5 Review

Canon did a very good job with this particular entry DSLR camera.

Anyhow, we believe more work could be done in the field of light sensitivity. A maximum ISO of all 6400 can sometimes be felt as not enough.

Yes, there’s an integrated flash and also an option of having an external flash. Still, there’s something excellent light sensitivity provides which your flash (be it external or internal ) cannot offer.

Looking at the price point, it comes in; we could excuse the pentamirror viewfinder, as it’s an entry camera. However, what’s inexcusable is 3 frames a second rate in burst mode.

3 frames per second is actually slow and can be quite frustrating; worse if you’re not a very patient individual.

Additionally, the inability to upload and transfer documents over a wireless connection isn’t something we’re happy with.

For a beginner overall, the camera can be recommended,

Ultimately, we believe that the camera is a great one. Canon did a fantastic job; might have been better, but they deserve a thumbs up, however.

In-Depth Pros


The Canon EOS Rebel T5 is a fairly reasonably priced camera and is one you would love to get if you’re on a strict budget.

Regrettably, we can’t precisely say same of Canon Rebel T6.

This camera is mainly made for beginners at an affordable price point and is thus a welcome benefit.

If you’re attempting to receive your first camera, or another camera for private use, you sure would not want something too pricey.

If such is your case, then you should definitely go for the T5 from Canon.

In-Depth Cons

No WiFi

The simple fact that the Canon EOS Rebel T5 doesn’t have a wireless connection implies that, with this camera, you miss out on quite a few amenities that a camera of this amount ought to provide you with.

So, Transfer of documents will take much longer and is more stressful with no wireless connection.

Seeing the response from the users, Canon seem to have installed Wireless Connection on the successor, the EOS T6.

Canon EOS Rebel T6 Review

Though Canon enhanced the lack of light sensitivity of the T5 in this camera, we do believe this camera should’ve had better light sensitivity.

Additionally, this camera may have and should have been made cheaper.

We’ve got about the very same reservations about the camera display as we do using the T5.

The Display has been improved a lot in comparison to the previous generation.

Though the T6 has a wireless link and also an NFC (that we love ), we’re somewhat displeased with the burst mode. Canon might have done better for the camera in terms of burst mode.

This is a great camera for beginners. User friendly and gives you great results, also!

In-Depth Pros


Using a wireless connection, you are able to upload pictures to the world wide web and move documents to other compatible devices near quite readily.

In-Depth Cons

High End

For many camera fans, especially beginners, the Canon EOS Rebel T6 is a bit expensive to cost. As this camera is majorly for individuals having little to no previous understanding of cameras, we believe it could be slightly better priced.


So, which is the best Canon EOS Rebel T6 or the T5?

If you have the budget, I will definitely recommend you go with the Canon Rebel T6. With added WiFi and NFC, it is a must-try out. However, if you are not aiming to spend high, Canon EOS Rebel T5 should be your pick.

I hope you enjoyed the comparison of T5 vs T6. If you have any doubts, feel free to comment them below. For more updates like this, keep visiting

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