8 Best Cheap Digital Camera under 50 Dollars

Want to hold on to your special memories for life but don’t know how?

I have the perfect solution for you! Be it your child’s first winning moment or your loved one’s smile or just your appreciation for the world around. You can capture absolutely anything with these cameras. Don’t worry it won’t stick a hole in your pocket and can be your travel buddy!

I also have covered cameras for you budding bloggers, who want to spread their magic on a budget. Well today, go through this guide that covers all the best digital cameras under just 50 bucks.

Good features at affordable price is rare to find, therefore here are some features that you should consider before buying a camera:

Here are 8 best Cheap Digital Camera under 50 and are at an affordable price that you may find useful:

AbergBest 21 – Best Camera under $50

Best Digital camera under $50
Aberg Best – 21 Mp one of the best cameras under $50

A digital camera that not only captures good quality images but also audio and videos. It has 2.7-inch LCD screen, a 21-MP camera and 8x zoom. Self-timer, face detector, and anti-shake features are a bonus to it. It does require an SD card for storage.

The camera has excellent battery life as it comes with 2 rechargeable Li-ion batteries, rechargeable cable and plug. It also comes with a good quality case to keep the camera in for travelling purpose.

The camera is simple to use and can be accessed by any age group. It is small and portable absolutely convenient for travel purpose. It’s affordable price and varied features make it a good choice for a newbie exploring photography. Definitely makes it for the best digital camera under 50.

Nikon Coolpix L22

Nikon Coolpix L22 Digital Camera

If you are the one who keeps forgetting to recharge their camera batteries, worry no more!

The price keeps on hovering due to the demand but in sales, you can get this digital camera for as low as $50

Nikon Coolpix L22 is a non-rechargeable camera that uses AA batteries. So next time you run out of charge in your camera all you need is a fresh AA battery.

This compact camera has a 3-inch LCD screen with 12-MP, 3.6 X zoom ready to use portrait and automation mode. Storage requires an SD memory card that is available easily. There is also a USB point for easy transfer to a PC or laptop. In addition, the camera helps detect faces and closed eyes fix those red eyes and have a smooth shutter that helps click better pictures.

It’s an entry-level point-shoot camera at a reasonable price with a number of features to explore with, ideal for users aged 12 years or above. So, go grab yours now!

Vmotal Digital Camera: Best digital camera under 50

Vmotal 3 inch TFT
Vmotal 3 inch TFT

This camera comes with the simplest features, a bigger LCD screen compared to other models at a reasonable price range. It is an absolute buy for your little ones or even your grandparents to practice their photography craze.

At an affordable price range, it gives you features like 8X zoom, 720p video quality, timer, anti-shaking and even a smile capture. You memories will be safe in it with a use of SD memory card that is needed to be purchased additionally.

The camera has a 3” LCD screen with 12-MP and comes with a waterproof case. The camera uses a rechargeable battery that lasts for almost 2 hours depending on the use. It is a portable camera with simple functions and super easy to travel with and be used for any age group.

It is absolutely an ideal camera if you are thinking to give it to your child. Being light weighted it can be carried it anywhere easily without any issues. The LCD screen is bigger than the models compared in the range of $50.

The 720p HD Video recording and the LCD screen make this camera one of the best digital cameras. The Digital Zoom is up to 8x and features such as anti-shake and face detection are worth a look.

GordVE 2.7 – The cheapest option under $50

cheap digital camera - GordVE 2.7
GordVE 2.7 Digital Camera

This cheap digital camera is ideal for travellers and bloggers out there. It is compact, lightweight and can easily fit in your pockets. The camera has long-lasting rechargeable AA batteries that can last up to 2 hours per recharge, isn’t that amazing for trips?

For people who love to play with their camera features, this camera is for you. There are a bunch of unique features, with 8X optical compact zoom, face detect, smile shutter, anti-shaking, continuous shots and others are an added bonus for you all.

At the given price this camera gives you good quality colour pictures even when the light is low. From bold colours to soothing tones this camera misses nothing while making videos or even clicking pictures. From teenagers to elderly it’s a smooth running camera and an excellent investment.

 Suntak HD Mini Digital Camera

Suntak HD Mini Digital Camera under 50
 Suntak HD Mini Digital Camera

Are you a water baby? Do you wish to capture your underwater beautiful experiences? Well, this is one of the best cheap 2.4-inch camera that offers more in very less.

Your wish has been granted! Here is a waterproof camera with 24-MP and 1080p video quality that will ensure your experience is captured vibrantly. This camera is a selfie lover’s dream come true as it has dual-camera LCD on it, now you can easily take selfies when facing front.

This camera has long lasting battery that will work wonders for adventurous people who love exploring and admiring the beauty around. A perfect gift for your young adults.

Canon Powershot A2200


2.7-inch LCD screen with 14.1-MP, 720p HD resolution and 4X optical zoom- all in this one camera. The camera can detect low light and automatically increase the ISO speed. It also has a dark mode for easy access at night. This compact and light weight camera provides you with a variety of functions.

It has a strong plastic body build that you can get in a range of elegant colours to choose from. The camera comes with video cables, USB cable, an electric adaptor, a lithium battery and a charger. Easy to use with good colour quality pictures.

Kodak PixPro FZ43-bk


It is commendable for capturing the minute details around you. 2.7” LCD screen camera with 16-MP, 720p resolution that uses AA batteries and gives you sharp colour pictures. You can save about 32 GB data in a memory card which is good enough for trips or vacation. The body build of the camera is stylish and eye-catching, sexy to look at. The Pixpro series by Kodak is really commendable and you can try out the Kodak Pixpro AZ252 or the AZ401 once you advance out.

Akaso EK7000 4K: Best $50 camera for video recording

Akaso EK7000 4K: Is a very popular and probably the Best $50 camera for video recording
Akaso EK7000 is our pick for a video camera

The Akaso EK7000 is just one of the best video camera for under $ 50. It offers great video quality; This camera has a high-definition 4K Ultra HD video recording function that allows you to take beautiful and sharp and clear videos. At the time of checking out this camera, our team could record 4K videos at 25 frames per second and a 2.7K video at 30 frames per second.

This is a multi-functional action camera that offers many recording modes such as time lapse, burst recording and loop recording as well. It has a remote control mode that allows you to easily switch between videos and photos. With the help of WiFi and HDMI, this camera allows you to easily transfer your media content via mobile devices.

This compact beauty is designed to withstand stress conditions. It measures 0.9 x 2 x 1.5 inches and weighs only 0.75 pounds. It’s also waterproof and comes with a battery. The 170-degree wide-angle lens offers a wide field of view, making it one of the most affordable digital cameras for under $ 50.

The Campark X20 is also a great competitor to this one.

If you are interested in learning about more action cameras at this price, you can check out our guide here.

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Things to Look for when buying a digital camera under $50 dollars

Image Quality

This is something you cannot compromise on. The most important feature of a camera is its picture quality. A 20-megapixel camera is ideal for beginners since pictures from these are sharp and clear. Exactly what we are looking for! 

Battery Life

Frequently charging your camera is a tedious job and isn’t always possible. Therefore, it is very important for a camera to have good battery life. For any outing or trip, a rechargeable battery capacity of 60-80 minutes per recharge is an ideal choice.

Build Quality

The quality of the body of the camera can never be ignored. A stronger body means better durability and lesser chances of severe damage when taken along on a vacation. Always look for a good quality build in a camera.


It is always better to go for cameras that are more portable. This is for the simple reason that they cause no sort of discomfort while you take it out for long periods of shooting, maybe on a trip or anywhere else. These small cameras can be stored in a pocket or even in a handbag while traveling, making it a pleasure to keep this. Since they can also record videos, you won’t have to think more while getting video cameras under $50. With these cameras, you will never miss all those sweet little fun moments with your loved ones.

Regardless of the price or intention of the device, people often like their cameras to be easily portable. This makes them easy to use and causes little to no discomfort when shooting for long periods. Small cameras can be safely stored in the pocket, waiting to be used, and can be packed in bags when traveling. Their small size makes it ideal for capturing the sweet little moments with family and friends.

Technical things you might like to know:

Manual Controls

When starting out things like focus and aperture might overwhelm you. But it’s always nice to know about them. When you start to learn about the manual controls you will get to know how the professionals capture photos with those details. It is all the magic of manual controls. These controls help them change settings like focus, depth of field(in case of a DSLR), shutter speed, ISO (exposure), etc. Thus, manual controls help you to capture the perfect shots in your own way to get the maximum results.

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Image Sensors

Image sensors come in 2 different sizes:

  • APS-C
  • Micro Four Thirds

These image sensors help you to take the perfect shots inspite of the backgrounds or the lighting conditions you are shooting in.

APS-C : This Sensor is known to add Bulk but still gives out decent image quality.

Micro 4/3: The micro four thirds, on the other hand, make a camera extremely light and portable. The trade-off here is the lower quality images.


Lenses come in wide varieties and shapes and are the reason for sale of cheap digital cameras. Lenses that are generally used are macro lens, Wide angle lens, long distance lens. These can add in a spice to your photos that might be otherwise missing. Before buying out lenses, always see to it that they are compatible with the digital camera you have.


I hope you liked my coverage of best digital cameras under 50 dollars. If you have doubts regarding the same, feel free to comment below. For more content like this, don’t forget to visit photography by wren.

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