5 Best Camera for Recording Guitar Videos

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Well, the passion for any musical instrument is excellent – especially guitars. They are just perfect for jamming out in live sessions and also get along great among teens too.

That’s the reason why most of the guitarists have started focusing themselves on recording and vlog their live sessions, too, later on, upload them on platforms like YouTube, Instagram, or any other social media.

Thus, in this article, I’ll share with you my list of the best camera for recording guitar videos.

Best Camera for Recording Guitar Videos

Canon EOS M50

Canon EOS M50
Canon EOS M50

Well, if you have the budget to purchase this one, don’t stress more. Just buy this one right away. It is one of the best mirrorless cameras with a flip screen.

It has all the best-suited features right from the design, resolution, and ability to record 4K videos. Thus, it will help you record professional-grade quality videos, even if you are an absolute beginner with Basic DSLRs.

The camera can be a bit intimidating to look at, at first, but the menus and navigation are so well built that they can be easily navigated, and you can get used to it quickly.

M50 also has an external microphone port. If you want to go Live, you should use a custom microphone setup or a simple lavalier microphone to do the job again.

Since this is a mirrorless camera with a flip screen, you can watch yourself in the LCD display as you play the guitar. This makes it a great choice, especially for beginners.

You can also plan to use it later on for many other purposes, such as vlogging and live streaming. Since this camera has an APS-C Sensor, it’s pretty compact and easily handheld.

There’s also a video creator kit bundle available for this camera, which means you can use the M50 as a webcam for live streaming as well.

Thus, by far, this mirrorless option is the best camera for recording guitar videos, in my opinion.


  • Compact Body
  • Ability to record 4K
  • Impressive autofocus system
  • Flip Out Screen
  • Ability to use it as Webcam for live streaming
  • External Mic Port
  • Easy Sharing of Videos and Photos


  • Limited lens option
  • Single memory card slot
  • No headphone input
  • Inbuilt microphone could have been better

Nikon D3400

Nikon D3400
Nikon D3400

Nikon D3400 is a very competitive entry-level DSLR from the powerhouse of Nikon Cameras. It is much better than many cameras you will find on the market, and it can easily outperform most of its competition.

It is a DSLR available for just under $300, and in my opinion, it is a good pick that you can smoothly go with till you get some fame around. Alternatively, you can also check out the DSLRs under $400

Everything right from the body, price, battery life to performance feels well balanced and worthy purchase, especially for recording music videos.

Looking at the specifications, you will find a 24.2MP DX-format CMOS sensor combined with the Expeed 4 image processor.

The ISO range is quite decent, covering from 100 to 25600 natively. With that, you get to see an 11 point autofocus system. It is also worth mentioning that the camera has no optical low pass filter.

Using the burst mode, you can capture 5 frames per second. The D3400 can also record Full HD videos at 60 fps. You can easily stretch its battery to about 1200 shots, making its battery life the best in the segment.

The camera feels light and compact to hold and is very durable as well. The grip feels ergonomic enough to click good pictures without you having to worry.

The downside, however, is that you don’t get an external mic port. Thus, if you don’t record your music separately, it is not the right pick.

The buttons are well placed and perfect for someone who wants to see the creative side of the world. If you’re one of them, your photography needs this camera.

Thus, if you plan to start recording videos over even plan to start a podcast, it is a very likable camera in terms of performance and an overall balance for beginners, particularly in terms of white balance and metering. Start with this camera first, and you can level up your skills as you progress using lenses.


  • Small and Portable look
  • Affordable pricing
  • Great battery
  • Textured grip
  • Easy to use


  • Doesn’t have an external mic port
  • Not suitable for live streaming music

AmcrestWebcam for Low Light Conditions

AmcrestWebcam for Low Light Conditions

If you are a beginner not wanting to spend a lot but want that initial setup kind of thing, the Amcrest Webcam 1080p is a good option for you.

It works perfectly well for low light conditions too, so you can record some good low light visuals as well.

For the price it comes at, it is a solid webcam.

The large camera aperture and sensor size help to produce good quality content even in not-so-great light conditions. We are making it a good pick for a slow and dark visual setting for a chill tone.

The mounting clip is great and can be set almost anywhere. It works perfectly if you plan to use it with any monitor or laptop.

The tripod head is really great and opens a lot of room for creativity as it can be placed on almost any surface that you desire.

The webcam is capable of recording in Full HD, which is a must as they have become almost like a standard for videos and live stream on platforms like YouTube and Instagram.

There’s a privacy shutter which can be used when you need some extra privacy.

As a plus, a webcam is always useful for any kind of meetings and online video calls.


  • Full HD Video Recording
  • 70 Degree Wide Viewing Angle
  • Multi-Platform compatibility
  • Privacy Cover
  • Plug and Play
  • Built in Microphone


  • Only 2 Megapixel Resolution
  • Mic quality is average and not recommended for guitarists and piano players.

Victure SC30

Victure SC30
Victure SC30

Well, webcams are not the best at recording sound. But the SC30 from Victure can be considered as the best webcam for sound quality.

You get to see 2 in-built microphones that can cancel out unnecessary noises. Thus, this web camera can get good quality audio with the most minute details of any session you plan to record or live stream. Check this guide for a better idea on film making.

The Webcam is straightforward to set up, and it hardly takes even 2 minutes to do that. You can record 1080p videos at 30 frames per second. Making sure that all your live streams and guitar jams happen, fun and high quality.

Just plug and play, and you are ready to record your guitar sessions in no time on any device, including a monitor, laptop, or tablet.

Just like the AmcrestWebcam, the clip on this one is also pretty adjustable so that you can record from any angle that you want.

However, it is not the best in terms of low light performance, but still, it has a lot to offer at the price its available at. Definitely a versatile pick for being amongst the best cameras for recording guitar and piano videos.


  • Dual Stereo Microphones
  • Full HD 1080p Video Quality 
  • Suitable for Different Systems


  • Poor performance in low light

Cedita Digital Camera Vlogging Camera

Cedita Digital Camera Vlogging Camera
Cedita Digital Camera

This a perfect vlogging camera with a lot of unique features. It has a 2.7K 2688 x 1520P resolution, which will ensure that your guitar recordings are of high quality.

It also has an additional anti-shake feature to help prevent any unnecessary additional shakes that happen sometimes.

It has a 180-degree flip screen, which also happens to have a smile to capture feature. Just start smiling and start recording yourself on the go, making it very convenient for recording guitar lessons and songs.

If you someday forget to charge this camera, you don’t need to worry because it can also be used even while charging.

Buyers Guide to Buy a Camera for Recording Guitar Videos

  • Budget: If you are looking for premium quality video shots, pick up the mirrorless camera. Otherwise, if you don’t have a high budget, pick a webcam.
  • Video quality: Only pick cameras that offer a minimum of 720p resolution. If you stream on Youtube, I would say go for at least a 1080p camera. Check out the best cameras for movie making if you want to have the best video quality.
  • Audio Quality: For the most part, if you are a guitarist, I would recommend you to get a separate microphone for recording audio. Any vlogging microphone can also do the job. Otherwise, for starters, you should pick the Victure SC30, a webcam with dual noise-canceling microphones.
  • Frame Rate: To ensure smooth and good-looking videos, at least aim for cameras that can record a minimum of 30 frames per second (FPS).


That marks the end of the list of the 5 of the best camera for recording guitar videos. Using the buying guide, you will get to know of the caveats and the must get stuff.

If you still have any doubts, or queries feel free to comment them down below.

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