6 Best Camera For Long Exposure | Night Sky Photography

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Looking for the Best Cameras For Long Exposure Photography?

Well, Long exposure photography can be a lot of fun and create some breathtaking images and the effects captured by the long exposure camera can give you a mystical and aesthetic quality. The best part is that you don’t need any expensive professional cameras, all you need is a decent set of passive power lenses.

The photographs you capture do not rely on the camera you own, but rather on the skills you hold. The photos you make are a mixture of your composition, your lighting, your subject, and your imagination. And that’s why the camera doesn’t matter to most photographers because the camera is just a tool, the real genius is you. That’s why they’re saying that the best camera is the one you’ve got with you, and we believe it.

6 Best Camera For Long Exposure and Night Photography

Sony A7RIIIBest Mirrorless Camera For Night Photography

Sony A7RIII - Best Mirrorless Camera For Night Photography
Sony A7RIIIBest Mirrorless Camera For Night Photography

Sony doesn’t need any introduction, particularly when it comes to cameras. This is one of the best choices when it comes to long exposure photography, particularly when it comes to shooting landscapes or a moonlit sky. The Mirrorless camera has the following impressive features:

  • Powerful AF tracking system
  • 5.76 dot OLED viewfinder
  • 61.2 Full Frame Sensor
  • 16-shot high-resolution modes
  • 10 fps burst shooting

The main feature that stands out when it comes to this camera is the 61.2-megapixel deadly sensor that comes in handy when taking long-exposure images. High resolution is very important for long exposure photography. The inclusion of the Imaging Edge Smartphone App is another full-feature use when it comes to long exposure photography.

This software lets you monitor your camera from your smartphone, and lets you set long exposure timers so that you don’t need to touch your camera while taking good images. This removes the use of remote timers, which are sometimes misplaced. Although the build quality is just short of its rivals, but holding it aside, it’s one of the best cameras for long exposure photography with brilliant features that won’t disappoint you.

Canon EOS M200 – Cheap Camera for Night Photography / Astrophotography

Canon EOS M200 - Best Cheap Camera for Night Photography / Astrophotography
Canon EOS M200

Canon is the top of the line of cameras. And this one, in particular, is targeted at the budget segment as it is affordable for all those who want to get into long exposure photography without going broke.

  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • Face and eye detect autofocus
  • 24MP APS-C sensor with Dual Pixel Auto Focus
  • Travel friendly, upgraded with the new Canon lenses.

This camera is an inexpensive choice as it packs a lot of features, particularly taking it with you when you’re on a hike or a small trip, where you might want to get immersed in nature to capture some fantastic long exposure images. It’s very compact, lightweight, and portable. While it lacks some features of a flagship because of its price level, it has some winning features.

The touchscreen is strong and you can use the screen to monitor a lot of features. But the other thing is that it has certain disadvantages like it doesn’t have a lot of physical buttons and dials to monitor your exposure. This makes it a little unsafe, particularly in the field where you need to make some quick changes to get the right exposure for your shots. Other than that the touch screen is pretty strong to monitor most of the camera features on the display.

Nikon Z50 – DSLR for Night Photography

Nikon Z50 - Best DSLR for Night Photography
Nikon Z50

It’s also from one of the world’s leading camera manufacturers, Nikon. This is also aimed at the budget segment, the same as its counterpart Canon EOS M200, as this is a new, affordable version of the Nikon Mirrorless Model.

  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • Face and eye detect autofocus
  • Compact, lightweight, and a powerful mirrorless camera
  • Perfect for travelers, share your experiences with the world
  • 21 MP APS-C sensor and 3 tilting touchscreen – 180-deg

The new Nikon Z mount lenses are a new addition to the Nikon Z series of mirrorless cameras. So this is genuinely made and based on competing with the Sony and Canon versions. This Nikon lens is ideally built to offer you some of the world-class images with the highest quality lenses.

The Z 50 is a good all-around performer. It’s a crop sensor camera, and it’s very good in low light conditions, and it’s lightweight, and it gives you proper hold in your hands, as the body is durable as compared to similar cameras. The 20 MP sensor is short compared to the 24 MP sensor in Sony and Canon. But putting this aside, the overall image quality is excellent and very useful for long exposure shots.

Sony a6400

Sony a6400 for Long Exposure Photography
Sony a6400

We all know Sony is the current leader when it comes to innovation, and other camera companies employ Sony accessories in their cameras, so this speaks volumes of their craftsmanship so when you are getting a Sony camera you are getting a high-quality standard camera.

  • Advanced APS-C camera with advanced 24.2 MP Exmor CMOS sensor
  • Advanced Real-Time Eye-AF
  • Real-time tracking AF
  • 180-deg fully tiltable LCD touch screen
  • World’s fastest autofocus with 4D focus

The 24 MP uses copper wiring and a highly efficient circuit mechanism, leading to the enhanced light collection, giving you a broad spectrum and amazing low noise efficiency even at high ISO levels. High ISO levels produced from this camera can be used for car photography as well. Advanced image processing algorithms are used to further enhance the quality of the image.

This model is a little pricey, and if you don’t want to burn a hole in your pocket, you can use its earlier models to give you a cheaper alternative. It also uses artificial intelligence to identify a process in real-time that increases overall accuracy. The inclusion of the latest BIONZ X image processing engine and the newly built shutter mechanism allows you to shoot consistently at higher speeds. Overall, the Sony A6400 is a potential way out when it comes to long exposure photography.

This is an all-around camera for those seeking an ideal balance between resolution, speed, and low-light performance. 12 fps 12-bit raw or JPEG shooting. 4K Ultra HD video with full pixel readout. Brilliant low-light performance up to ISO 51, 200 natives. All combined with the advantages of a lightweight mirrorless design, a revolutionary new full-frame lens mount and matched lenses, and seamless integration with Nikon DSLR system-including the F-mount Nikkor lenses you love.

The Z6 is a camera that works as hard as you do. It’s at the sweet spot of speed, resolution, and low-light performance.

Nikon Z6

Nikon Z6
Nikon Z6

This particular Nikon product is the Z6 because it is far more affordable and much more robust than the overall camera. But if you want to go with a higher megapixel sensor, the Z7 will be an ideal option.

  • 24.5 BSI-CMOS sensor with EX SPEED 6 Image processor
  • Subject tracking AF
  • The hybrid autofocus system
  • Eye detection and animal detection AF
  • 12fps in HI plus mode (12-bit Raw Æ JPEG)
  • Silent mode enables to shoot in utter silence
  • Z mount enables the widest lens mount of any full-frame camera

The Z6 uses a 24.5 MP full-frame BSI image sensor with the EX SPEED 6 image processor to give you gorgeous, sharp, and magnificent images that Nikon is famed for.

The Z series cameras are fitted with an image sensor with a Z mount that has a light-gathering ability even in low lighting conditions, and the EXSPEED 6 noise reduction helps you to take photographs in complete anonymity that is handy during major events.

Also, the Z series has the widest lens for any full-frame camera that gives you clearer images with more light and faster output.

Even with 12fps at full resolution, catch the images that others might skip and instantly become an online sensation with those gorgeous pictures. So this is a very flexible choice that you can also venture into taking videos.

Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-RX100 VII

Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-RX100 VII
Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-RX100 VII

This Sony Cyber-Shot is an ultra-light and compact camera that delivers high-quality imaging everywhere you go.

  • 20.1 megapixels for high resolution and low light shooting
  • 20fps for continuous high-speed shooting
  • 180 and 90-deg tilting LCD monitor
  • Real-time AF for both stills and movies
  • Real-time AF for animals
  • Excellent color and texture reproduction

This camera is a high-quality compact camera with a stunning image sensor that produces 20 MP high-resolution images and lower noise levels with exceptional image quality with realistic details. The quick image sensor also provides continuous shooting of up to 20 fps, even when the subject is moving at a high speed.

Sony’s sophisticated eye detection and tracking device breathe life into your portraits. As real-time AF senses both human eyes and animal eyes, so there’s no problem when the subject is moving, giving you plenty of time to sculpt your image.

You can also achieve more vibrant colors and textures with the new image processing algorithms and image sensors. The inclusion of external input for mic also makes life easier for professionals filming vlogs and movies.

What to Look for In A Camera for Long Exposure Photography?

For people who have been doing this for a while, long exposure photography is more or less a sub-niche of landscape photography. You can also use mirrorless cameras that are used for landscape photography.

But before that, let us go through the most important factors.


When you want to pay attention to details, resolution comes in handy. Having more resolution helps your landscape images look sharper and have much more details.

Having a few extra megapixels might cause you a few extra bucks. But this would also ensure that you can print your images in larger sizes without compromising on quality. You can also use the added sharpness to produce better post-production results.

In my opinion anything over 16 MP is more than enough to ensure sharp images. Having some more mega pixels can be beneficial but often may be a over compensated factor. Thus, ensure flexibility and details while also keeping your budget in mind.

Durability and Handling

If you are trying to shoot long exposure images while you are on a hike, camping or an excursion in general, you need to ensure that you are carrying a camera that can stand various elements of nature.

To avoid quick wear and tear of cameras, ensure that the build quality is good. The camera should come with a weather seal and the camera feels solid and durable to hold and handle.

Easy handling means faster access to features without having to invest much time to look out for them. This is probably one of the reasons why professional photographers invest in a high-end camera that comes with more buttons and dials. They don’t want to left out trying to find different features that are hidden in the menus.


One of the most important aspects of a camera made for long exposure photography is that it has to be portable.

That’s why most of the cameras we recommend on this list are light weight and compact. This means that you can take them to any hikes, camp spots and rugged destinations without much thinking.

Of course, as the feature size increases, so will the size of the camera and lens. Overall, you need to find out what’s the sweet spot for you in terms of features and portability.


Cameras are a long-term investment so yes, we definitely need to figure out how much we are willing to pay for one. The camera options listed above cover almost all price ranges which will help you capture some marvelous long exposure images. In case you feel that you have a specific requirement, you can comment it down in the comments.


Long exposure photography is also known as slow exposure photography, which requires the use of long-period shutter speed to capture photographs where static elements are sharp and moving elements are blurred and scattered.

Long Exposure shots are particularly famous for night photography, also referred to as Astrophotography. Taking long-exposure images is a perfect way to explore as a photographer and to add some fun shots to your CV. Using long exposure photographs in your online CV will keep you in excellent nick.

I hope I’ve covered all the specifics and requirements of the long exposure cameras, and I hope you get the most insights. Always make sure that you have a camera that fits your needs and expectations, as each camera is fitted with different functions and attributes.

The budget also comes with a big quotation mark. So always pick a camera that’s going to be the best option for you. With that, our list of Best Camera For Long Exposure Photography comes to an end, let me know, what are your thoughts.

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