How to use the a7R III & Sony a7 III as a Webcam?

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You bought a mirrorless camera. The best of the best, A7iii or the a7riii.

But now, you want to take it for use on zoom calls, live streaming, for video calls, for discord, or for any other use.

Well, read on as all your queries will be answered in this article.

First, let’s talk about how to use the Sony A7iii as a webcam.

To use Sony A7iii as a webcam, you need to download Sony’s Imaging Edge Webcam Drivers from their official site on your PC. After installing you need to restart your PC.

If all is done correctly, you will be able to use your Sony A7iii as a webcam.

If these instructions were too quick for you, don’t worry, I’ll explain them down elaborately.

How to use Sony camera as webcam?

How to use the Sony A7iii as webcam – how to use imaging edge webcam?

Step 1: The first thing we need to do is get the Sony Imaging Edge Webcam drivers. Click this link to open the site.

Step 2: Next, you need to select the camera model. Select the ICLE-M3 model as shown in the picture.

Select the ICLE-M3 model
Select the ICLE-M3 model

Step 3: After selecting the model, click download.

Step 4: Once the setup file gets downloaded, agree to the permissions and hit install. The setup will ask you “Would you like to install the drivers”, press install.

Step 5: Once the drivers are installed, 90% of your work is pretty much done. Just Restart your PC now.

Step 6: Now head over to your camera and do these steps:

  • Go to MENU → Network) / (Wireless). From there select Ctrl w/ Smartphone and turn it off.
  • Now go back to the MENU and select Setup → USB Connection and change it to PC Remote. Refer the image below.
Change it to PC Remote
Change it to PC Remote

Now you can connect your mirrorless camera to the PC using a USB cable.

BAM! You are ready to use your Sony A7iii camera as a web cam.

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How to use a7riii as a webcam?

All the steps we discussed above are the same. The only difference is at the time of downloading the drivers, you need to select the ILCE-7RM3 model number.

Refer to the screenshot below.

Other steps remain completely the same.

How to use sony a7iii and α7R III as webcam for zoom?

To use a7iii and a7riii as a webcam in zoom, first follow the above steps.

After that go to zoom and follow these steps.

  • Step 1: Open Zoom and go to settings
  • Step 2: Select Video and go to camera. You will see a drop-down list. From there, select Sony Camera (Imaging Edge).

That’s pretty much it.

If all things go well, you should now be able to use a7riii or a7iii as a webcam for zoom meetings.

How to use Sony a7iii and α7R III as webcam for Skype?

Follow the steps we discussed above. Next open Skype, go to audio and video. If the drivers were installed correctly, you should see that Skype automatically selects the Sony Camera (Imaging Edge).

How to use Sony a7iii and α7R III as webcam for Discord?

Follow the steps we discussed above. After you’ve followed the above steps, follow the steps discussed below:

  1. Launch Discord, go to voice and video.
  2. Go to video settings
  3. From the drop-down list, change your video camera to the Sony Camera (Imaging Edge).
  4. Once complete, click on test video to check if the process was successful and you should see the footage from your mirrorless cam right away.

How to setup A7iii and A7riii for live streaming?

Firstly, you need a software for video recording and live streaming. For the purpose of demonstrating this tutorial, I am using OBS (Download Link).

  • Step 1: Open OBS
  • Step 2: Click on the + (Add) icon
  • Step 3: From the dropdown list, go to video capture device and press OK.
  • Step 4: You should see the footage from your camera right away. If not, just change the device in the video capture device section to Sony Camera (Imaging Edge) and you should be fine to go.

In the above steps, if you want audio from your external microphone, you will need a capture card. It costs around 20 bucks and you can buy it from here.

It helps you to take your video out and plug it in via HDMI and further you can connect the capture card to get audio.

This way, any audio you put into your a7iii or a7riii, shows up through your webcam.

  • Step 5: After using this card, go to video capture device in OBS and name it as per you needs.
  • Step 6: From the device drop down, select the USB camera.

Now, there is a way around if you want to skip using a capture card as well:

How to use sony a7iii as webcam without capture card?

Firstly, you need to download the Download Imaging Edge Desktop app. It is available for Windows as well as Mac. Download it using this link.

Now follow these steps once you have downloaded the app.

  • Step 1: Open the Imaging Edge Desktop Application.
  • Step 2: Download the utility called remote.

Once done, you are pretty much done. Just set the USB mode on your camera to pc remote and connect your camera to your PC.

At this point, you should be able to see a live streaming feed of your camera.

From here go to the live streaming software (here OBS), and add a new window capture and select the remote application to enjoy your live stream.

That’s pretty much the only guide you will probably need to use your a7iii as a webcam. Let’s now quickly look at a few FAQs before wrapping up.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the sony a7iii webcam software?

You need to download the Imaging Edge Desktop app or the Sony Imaging Edge Webcam drivers

How to use Sony camera as webcam?

In this article, we covered the 2 cameras, a7iii and a7riii. But the process remains the same for other Sony cameras as well. Just find out your model number and follow the steps as we did and download the Sony imaging webcam.

Once you downloaded the Sony imaging edge webcam, use the guide we wrote above on how to use imaging edge webcam. That’s it.

What is the Sony webcam app?

For live streaming, you can use Remote. To download it, you need to download the Imaging desktop app and from there you will be able to use your camera as a sony webcam.


I hope you found this tutorial helpful. By now you should be able to use the Sony A7III as a Webcam.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments below.

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