It was an absolute pleasure to capture the wedding of Alex and Nicole at the Grand Traverse Resort. I was hired to second shoot for Sabrina Leigh Photography. Sabrina is amazing! We hired her a couple years back to assist/photograph while I was pregnant and kept in touch with her since then. So it was an honor to shoot along side Sabrina again, but this time in Traverse City.

When I first arrived at the resort I made my way to the suite where the groom and groomsmen were getting ready. These guys were hilarious, welcoming, and looked dapper as can be. I took the guys to a willow tree on the property as the bride finished up getting ready. When Nicole, the bride, arrived she was smiling ear to ear. As her soon to be husband, Alex, turned around he had the most beautiful reaction to seeing her in her wedding dress. Afterward their bridal party joined up for a few portraits before everyone made their way to the ceremony location.

The Grand Traverse Resort has a stunning beachfront property overlooking Lake Michigan. That’s were Alex and Nicole held their wedding. Since most of Alex’s family was French Alex and Nicole typed up the entire ceremony, including vows, so they could read along. They also had parts of the ceremony in French, it was incredible to witness.

After they said ‘I do’ they made their way back to their tented reception for cocktails with their guests. The decor inside was clean and beautiful. The green and white everywhere was simple, but truly stunning. They kicked off the start of their reception with dancing, inside of dinner. It brought an energy to the room and showed off how much of a party was to come.

Lastly, right before I was done, we took the newlyweds out for some portraits at sunset. It was the perfect way to end an amazing day. Thanks again to Alex, Nicole, and Sabrina for the fun. Enjoy!

Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0001Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0002Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0003Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0004Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0005Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0006Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0007Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0008Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0009

Oh this moment was so beautiful to capture.

Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0010Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0011Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0012Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0013Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0014Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0015Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0016Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0017Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0018Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0019Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0020Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0021Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0022Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0023Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0024Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0025Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0026Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0027Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0028Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0029Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0030Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0031Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0032Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0033Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0034Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0035Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0036Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0037Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0038Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0039Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0040Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0041Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0042Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0043Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0044Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0045Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0046Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0047Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0048Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0049Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0050Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0051Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0052Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0053Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0054Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0055Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0056Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0057Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0058Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0059Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0060Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0061Grand Traverse Resort Wedding_0062


I can’t wait to gush over how incredible this West Branch wedding was! Sarah, from ElizaJean Photography, hired me to second shoot this wedding for her this summer. We arrived at a private residence overlooking a small body of water and gorgeous woods. The tent was set up on one part of the lawn and across the way the ceremony location overlooked the water.

The groom, Kevin, finished up getting ready and took the trail out to a nearby party of the forest in preparation for the couple’s first look. The bride, Ashley, finished up getting into her dress, a dress that was worn by her mother years ago. She had the dress alternated slightly and it looked absolutely incredible on her. Their first look was very private and filled with love and laughter. The couple embraced the woods (and all the bugs that came along with it) before heading to meet up with their bridal party. The groomsmen looked sharp in their suspenders and the bridesmaids rocked their array of colorful dresses.

Their ceremony was short, but oh so sweet. Afterwards guests were invited to dive into the popcorn bar and enjoy a refreshment before dinner. During that time I recruited a few kids, playing along the shore, to find me a frog to use for the ring shot. And boy, they find a perfect one. It was a thrill to capture. After dinner and a few dances the couple was borrowed away for a couple minutes. The sun was setting as the newlyweds rowed out into the water. Those photos are some of my favorites from the day.

Thanks again to the couple and to Sarah for all the joy that day. The entire wedding was a delight to capture. Enjoy!

West Branch Wedding_0001West Branch Wedding_0002West Branch Wedding_0003West Branch Wedding_0004West Branch Wedding_0005West Branch Wedding_0006West Branch Wedding_0007West Branch Wedding_0008West Branch Wedding_0009West Branch Wedding_0010West Branch Wedding_0011West Branch Wedding_0012West Branch Wedding_0013West Branch Wedding_0014West Branch Wedding_0015West Branch Wedding_0016West Branch Wedding_0017West Branch Wedding_0018West Branch Wedding_0019West Branch Wedding_0020West Branch Wedding_0021West Branch Wedding_0022West Branch Wedding_0023West Branch Wedding_0024West Branch Wedding_0025West Branch Wedding_0026West Branch Wedding_0027West Branch Wedding_0028West Branch Wedding_0029West Branch Wedding_0030

Yes, that is a REAL frog! He/she knows how to pose for the camera, haha.

West Branch Wedding_0031West Branch Wedding_0032West Branch Wedding_0033West Branch Wedding_0034West Branch Wedding_0035West Branch Wedding_0036West Branch Wedding_0037


I was looking forward to second shooting for Siri Salonen Photography for a while now. Her bright and humor filled personality is a joy to be around, especially while photographing alongside of one another. It was a hot, sunny August day as we drove up to Petoskey together for Allison & Sam’s wedding.

We arrived early to St Francis Xavier Catholic Church in Petoskey. It was similar to the catholic church I group up going to. Gorgeous architecture, rich in history, and beautiful words spoken. Sam and Allison had a beautiful full Catholic ceremony filled with their bridal party, family, and friends onlooking. The gentleman looked handsome dressed in khaki suits and no ties. The bridesmaids look trendy in black jumpsuits and gold bracelet cuffs. And last, but not least, Allison wowed in her off the shoulder dress that looked incredible on her.

After the ceremony everyone made their way to Bay Harbor’s Marina lawn for cocktail hour and the reception. Guests were treated to drinks as well as cigars honoring the bride’s late father. The views from the tented reception were in true Northern Michigan fashion; water and a marina packed with boats on Bay Harbor. After dinner the live band starting rocking the night away. Everyone was up out of the seats dancing because the band was incredible!

Then right before the sun was gone Siri brought Sam and Allison out along the water for a few minutes of pictures. It was a couple minutes of quiet for the newlyweds and for us, the photographers, it was beautiful portraits with the colors of sunset in the background. It was the best way to end a fun day of second shooting. Thanks again Siri Salonen Photography. Enjoy!

Bay Harbor Wedding_0001Bay Harbor Wedding_0002

Look how adorable these ring bearers are!

Bay Harbor Wedding_0003Bay Harbor Wedding_0004Bay Harbor Wedding_0005Bay Harbor Wedding_0006Bay Harbor Wedding_0007Bay Harbor Wedding_0008Bay Harbor Wedding_0009Bay Harbor Wedding_0010Bay Harbor Wedding_0011Bay Harbor Wedding_0012Bay Harbor Wedding_0013Bay Harbor Wedding_0014Bay Harbor Wedding_0015Bay Harbor Wedding_0016Bay Harbor Wedding_0017Bay Harbor Wedding_0018Bay Harbor Wedding_0019Bay Harbor Wedding_0020Bay Harbor Wedding_0021Bay Harbor Wedding_0022Bay Harbor Wedding_0023Bay Harbor Wedding_0024Bay Harbor Wedding_0025Bay Harbor Wedding_0026Bay Harbor Wedding_0027Bay Harbor Wedding_0028Bay Harbor Wedding_0029Bay Harbor Wedding_0030Bay Harbor Wedding_0032Bay Harbor Wedding_0031

How beautiful is Bay Harbor? Such a beautiful marina.

Bay Harbor Wedding_0033Bay Harbor Wedding_0034Bay Harbor Wedding_0035Bay Harbor Wedding_0036Bay Harbor Wedding_0037


I moved to Traverse City around two years ago. Since then I’ve had the opportunity to work at my venues and vendors around the area, but this August was my first time at the incredible Crystal Mountain Resort. It’s a short 40ish minute drive from Traverse City, but worth the experience there. It has pools, chairlift rides, alpine slide, and so much more. I had fun exploring prior to meeting up with the bridal party and second shooting for Lux Light Photography.

Michael and his groomsmen were dressed and ready to go, so we quickly snapped a few of them putting on the boutonnieres before we went over to meet up with the ladies. Jenna was nervous, but oh so excited for the wedding. Her bridesmaid and family were surrounding her in love and support as she stepped into her lace wedding dress. Next it was a quick drive over to the church in Beluh, MI in preparation for the ceremony. They had an over abundance of guests arrive for their wedding, so they had to accommodate by placing chairs anywhere they could. It truly should how deeply their family and friends cared for them.

After their ceremony they went back to Crystal Mountain for portraits with their bridal party and portraits of the two of them alone. It was gorgeously, hot and sunny day–so we thankfully found some cover from a tree tunnel on the property. It was a beautiful location for pictures with the lush green tress and golden light shining down on them. Once back at the reception it was a night filled with love and laughter in their beautifully decorated reception space. Big thanks again to Jenna and Michael for the fun on that wonderful day back in August. It was a pleasure to be able to second shoot the day. Enjoy!


Crystal Mountain MI Wedding_0001Crystal Mountain MI Wedding_0002Crystal Mountain MI Wedding_0003Crystal Mountain MI Wedding_0005Crystal Mountain MI Wedding_0006Crystal Mountain MI Wedding_0007Crystal Mountain MI Wedding_0008Crystal Mountain MI Wedding_0010Crystal Mountain MI Wedding_0009Crystal Mountain MI Wedding_0011Crystal Mountain MI Wedding_0012Crystal Mountain MI Wedding_0013Crystal Mountain MI Wedding_0014Crystal Mountain MI Wedding_0015Crystal Mountain MI Wedding_0016Crystal Mountain MI Wedding_0017Crystal Mountain MI Wedding_0018Crystal Mountain MI Wedding_0019Crystal Mountain MI Wedding_0020Crystal Mountain MI Wedding_0021Crystal Mountain MI Wedding_0022Crystal Mountain MI Wedding_0023Crystal Mountain MI Wedding_0024Crystal Mountain MI Wedding_0025Crystal Mountain MI Wedding_0026Crystal Mountain MI Wedding_0027


When chatting with Kristin about requests for her and Stephen’s engagement session she mentioned fall and tree tunnels. The thing about scoping for fall is that the color/trees change almost overnight. So Alex and I ventured out early in the morning on a mission to find a beautiful fall tree tunnel in Traverse City. We found the perfect one up Old Mission Peninsula, did a little happy dance to celebrate the find, and then made our way to the start location at East Bay Beach to meet up with the engaged couple. We are so thankful that it didn’t rain that morning on them but rather rained later that day when everything was done.

When we met them it was the perfect fall morning in along Lake Michigan. The beach was empty and the gorgeous morning light was making the water sparkle. We were so excited to meet Kristin & Stephen in person, especially since they are less than a year out from their fall Traverse City wedding. Kristin & Stephen are amazing together! They are playful, witty, and completely smitten with each other. It made the session a blast to photograph!

After the beach session, they followed us to the fall tree tunnel. They did a quick outfit change and then it was onto enjoying the scenery. We loved the way that Kristin’s skirt flowed as they walked hand in hand along the road. We also loved learning more about their upcoming wedding and more about the two of them. It really was a wonderful engagement session.

We want to thank Kristin & Stephen again for the laughs and for venturing up to Traverse City for a morning of fun. Enjoy!!

Traverse City Engagement Autumn_0001Traverse City Engagement Autumn_0002Traverse City Engagement Autumn_0003Traverse City Engagement Autumn_0004Traverse City Engagement Autumn_0005

The way she looks at her fiance, so much love.

Traverse City Engagement Autumn_0006Traverse City Engagement Autumn_0007Traverse City Engagement Autumn_0008Traverse City Engagement Autumn_0009Traverse City Engagement Autumn_0010

How perfect is this tree tunnel? So freaking gorgeous!

Traverse City Engagement Autumn_0011Traverse City Engagement Autumn_0012Traverse City Engagement Autumn_0013Traverse City Engagement Autumn_0014Traverse City Engagement Autumn_0015Traverse City Engagement Autumn_0016Traverse City Engagement Autumn_0017Traverse City Engagement Autumn_0018

The look of the heels with the flowy skirt is aaaaaaaaa-mazing!

Traverse City Engagement Autumn_0019Traverse City Engagement Autumn_0020Traverse City Engagement Autumn_0021Traverse City Engagement Autumn_0022

S e a r c h